A Way To Play The World Oil Slump
Oil is now as abundant as oxygen. The world is drowning in the stuff. Oil supplies are far outstripping demand. And unloading a barrel of crude is like trying to sell sand in the Sahara. Okay, so I made all that up… But that’s exactly what Goldman Sachs wants you to believe. The evil geniuses […]
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Saudi King Fires First Shot In New Oil War
Big News! Saudi Arabia just opened a new front in ongoing “oil wars” that are being fought across the world. A few days ago, the Saudis made a relatively quiet move; but it may as well have bombed Pearl Harbor, considering the impact and implications. Saudi actions are already cascading across oil markets. We’ll likely […]
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What the Strong Dollar Does to Yellow and Black Gold and Why We’re Seeing Green
The United States is doing better than it has in years. Jobs growth is up, unemployment is down, our manufacturing sector carries the rest of the world on its shoulders like a wounded soldier and the World Economic Forum named the U.S. the third-most competitive nation, our highest ranking since before the recession. As heretical […]
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12% Annual Gains… From Five Charts!
This week, Frank Holmes and his friend and colleague, Brian Hicks, bring their impressive resumes to bear on a simple question: where will you find the best profits in the resource sector this year? As it turns out, there’s vast potential growth left in small cap resource companies — if you know where to look...
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Knock Knock/Who’s There?… China’s Metal Monopoly
I hope you’re hunkered down from the big chill this month. Wow, we’ve seen some cold. It was so cold a few weeks ago that one of my cats stuck his face outside one morning and literally jumped back into the house. Cold, right? And here we are with another polar vortex breathing down our […]
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Don’t expect to see gold’s next big move from a long way off, says our friend and colleague, Jim Rickards. Instead, expect it to trade sideways with a lot of volatility as central banks worldwide continue debasing their currencies to keep up the … [Read More]

Right now we’re seeing a surge of strength in the U.S. dollar, as the bottom falls out of our competitors’ currencies, and Jim Grant has the best analysis of what it means for investors. For one, as Grant shows, it means the Federal Reserve … [Read More]

Is it 2008 all over again? Heh, if you’re the Saudis it is! Saudi Arabia just slashed prices for their Arab Light crude oil to prices not seen since December 2008. A decade ago would you ever imagine that a U.S.-led oil boom would cause a panic … [Read More]

Total U.S. crude oil production averaged an estimated 8.6 million barrels per day in August, the highest monthly production since July 1986, according to the Energy Information Administration (EIA). In our Special Energy Report: An American Energy … [Read More]

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