What Aluminum Could Tell a Central Banker
Aluminum producers got tricked by their own government! You see, low rates mislead producers into believing there are more savings than really exist to buy their products. So they expand capacity. This is exactly what we just saw happen in China (as we’ll explore below)… Then, when central banks tighten — and artificially low rates […]
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Profit From The Comeback Story Of The Year
With the right trading mindset, you can turn America’s glowing natural gas future into profits. Today, I want to give you a snapshot of where I think natgas is heading for the rest of the year, and how you can continue to make gains as America’s energy renaissance kicks into high gear! But first, be […]
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What’s Abuzz About Gold?
Recently I visited the breathtaking city of Hong Kong to speak at the seventh-annual Mines and Money conference, Asia-Pacific’s premier event for mining investment deal-making and capital-raising. During my time in Asia I had the additional privilege of addressing the audience of the Asia Mining Club, alongside my good friend Robert Friedland, Executive Chairman and […]
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How To Cash In On Weather Volatility
It’s taken me nearly 10 years but I’ve finally found a way to profit from global warming (and other extreme weather events.) In the past I’ve simply lamented about the global warming pandemic. Fact is, with all of the back and forth in the media it’s hard to discern any real truth in the matter. […]
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Knock Knock/Who’s There?… China’s Metal Monopoly
I hope you’re hunkered down from the big chill this month. Wow, we’ve seen some cold. It was so cold a few weeks ago that one of my cats stuck his face outside one morning and literally jumped back into the house. Cold, right? And here we are with another polar vortex breathing down our […]
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Last month, Russian President Vladimir Putin gave a short, emotional speech on the annexation of Crimea. “After a long, hard and exhausting voyage,” said Putin, employing timeless, classic nautical analogies, “Crimea and Sevastopol are … [Read More]

In 1914 gold was money. Money wasn’t debt or credit back then. It was simply gold, and banks created credit on top of their gold reserve base. They couldn’t go crazy in the credit creation process, because there was only so much gold in … [Read More]

That’s the number you should concentrate on today, and for the next nine months. It’s a specific number, to be sure. But it’s as important a number as you’ll see in today’s gold market. And if you’ve been waiting for the next leg higher … [Read More]

Gold seems to be sparking more attention these days, as investors have seen the precious metal steadily rise from its December low of around $1,200, to a new high of $1,350 just three months later. What’s driving gold? The media has been focusing … [Read More]

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