How To Profit As The Saudis Play “Chicken” With Oil
How it is that oil has fallen so far this year, and why now? Do you ever wonder if you can still make money from it? Today, Byron answers all that and more with an in-depth look at the global oil markets, including factors far away from America’s shale oil and gas fields. But Byron doesn’t just give you an overview of recent events, he’s also got a forecast on where oil is going and why. Better still, he offers you four unique ways to play events in the world oil market for big gains as we head towards the close of the year…
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The Easiest Way To Close Out 2014 With 20% Gains
Looking ahead at this winter’s forecast, natural gas prices seem absurdly low. Already, snow is blanketing the Northeast and upper Midwest with another storm headed toward the South. What can you do? Well, nothing about the weather, says Greg, but you can take advantage of it to grab some nice gains this winter by investing in natural gas. The price is sure to rise, taking drillers and providers up with it. And Greg’s got one play for you that’s ready for a breakout any day now. Don’t miss out on your chance to wring more gains from 2014…
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How To Save $100 On Gold – Plus, Three “Cheaper” Oil Opportunities…
Pardon my sarcasm above, dear reader. But that type of snark will help put today’s editorial in perspective. You see, the mainstream media is pouncing on this midterm election like a backwoods puma. Now that the GOP took the Senate (which is arguably the biggest, best storyline for the mainstream), there’s a lot of meat […]
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12% Annual Gains… From Five Charts!
This week, Frank Holmes and his friend and colleague, Brian Hicks, bring their impressive resumes to bear on a simple question: where will you find the best profits in the resource sector this year? As it turns out, there’s vast potential growth left in small cap resource companies — if you know where to look...
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Knock Knock/Who’s There?… China’s Metal Monopoly
I hope you’re hunkered down from the big chill this month. Wow, we’ve seen some cold. It was so cold a few weeks ago that one of my cats stuck his face outside one morning and literally jumped back into the house. Cold, right? And here we are with another polar vortex breathing down our […]
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While we’ve found a number of great oil, natural gas, even nuclear plays, lately, our friend and colleague Greg reminds us never to forget that “green” alternative, solar. Solar energy companies have largely been in decline since the Solyndra … [Read More]

“Personally, I think the Saudi’s are bluffing,” the email from a colleague said. “No way they can let oil fall much further…” My colleague hails from Wall Street. He knows big money and big oil. Best of all he’s got plenty of … [Read More]

I was on the road last month, visiting companies and scrubbing ideas. At one point, the airliner landed at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport (MSY). Next thing I knew, I was at the Hilton Hotel, where Poydras and Canal Streets meet … [Read More]

Politics suck. But this election season, you’re getting paid. The Republicans have won back the Senate. And they’re about to hand you a winning trade on a silver platter– with a bit of soot around the edges. I’m talking about … [Read More]

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