Can Gold Benefit From Deflation, As Well?
Volatility and price drops may be nerve wracking, but the bull market in gold is far from over. In fact, it has barely begun. To understand why, it helps to look at two prior episodes in the relationship of gold and money that are most relevant to today. These episodes were a period of extreme […]
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Were Today’s Fracking Leaders Good or Just Lucky?
Harold Hamm, the “father of the frack boom” along with a few other determined oilmen, pioneered the technology and know-how needed to crack energy-filled shale formations, like North Dakota’s Bakken. Today the Bakken produces more than one million barrels per day. Back in May, Hamm donned the cover of Forbes Magazine, under the title “The […]
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In Search of Snowflakes
I always say, don’t look for snowflakes. Watch out for the avalanche. However, let’s talk about snowflakes for a moment because you might care about them. Perhaps you read the papers every day, and wonder, “What should I look out for? I’ll give you three. All of which are all likely, in my view. These […]
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12% Annual Gains… From Five Charts!
This week, Frank Holmes and his friend and colleague, Brian Hicks, bring their impressive resumes to bear on a simple question: where will you find the best profits in the resource sector this year? As it turns out, there’s vast potential growth left in small cap resource companies — if you know where to look...
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Knock Knock/Who’s There?… China’s Metal Monopoly
I hope you’re hunkered down from the big chill this month. Wow, we’ve seen some cold. It was so cold a few weeks ago that one of my cats stuck his face outside one morning and literally jumped back into the house. Cold, right? And here we are with another polar vortex breathing down our […]
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As metals prices boomed during the last decade, small explorers and big miners spent billions of shareholder dollars seeking new deposits. Investors wanted the high rewards of a discovery as metals soared in price. At $1,900 per ounce of gold, even … [Read More]

Hi, This is probably one of the most important interviews that we’ve done to date. Pierre Lassonde is one of the really big characters in the industry. He also talks about how the analysts constantly misjudge the value of his business. That’s … [Read More]

When it comes to baseball, being called a “fair weather fan” is no compliment. But when it comes to investing, you always want to “root” for the winning trade – there’s no reward for loyalty to a losing asset. That’s why, as Matt … [Read More]

Doubtless, you’ve followed news about the ongoing battle in Gaza, between Israeli forces and Hamas. Earlier this summer, Hamas shot rockets at Israel; in turn, Israelis bombed the tar out of targets in Gaza, and then sent in troops. … [Read More]

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