Obama Can’t Take Credit for the U.S. “Shale Gale”
After years of talking about the American oil and gas boom… I’ve got to get something off my chest. I can’t stand it when a coworker takes credit for something I did. Whether it’s a special report I wrote or just a little investing trick I found on my own — if someone takes it […]
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Byron Was Right: The Oil Wars are Here, Part 2
Last week, I showed you how things are rapidly falling apart in Iraq, especially where the Iraqi oil industry is concerned. But there’s a silver lining. While the world’s oil traders chew their fingernails thinking about how much worse it could get in the Middle East, there’s finally taking a look at another sources of […]
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You Can Profit from the Metal China Needs Most
Last week, right before the Fourth of July festivities kicked off in this nation, the Wall Street Journal mentioned a new environmental technique being developed on the other side of the world: the Chinese are trying to build wind tunnels big enough to blow the smog out of Beijing. It’s likely you’ve heard of the […]
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12% Annual Gains… From Five Charts!
This week, Frank Holmes and his friend and colleague, Brian Hicks, bring their impressive resumes to bear on a simple question: where will you find the best profits in the resource sector this year? As it turns out, there’s vast potential growth left in small cap resource companies — if you know where to look...
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Knock Knock/Who’s There?… China’s Metal Monopoly
I hope you’re hunkered down from the big chill this month. Wow, we’ve seen some cold. It was so cold a few weeks ago that one of my cats stuck his face outside one morning and literally jumped back into the house. Cold, right? And here we are with another polar vortex breathing down our […]
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I’m sure you’ve followed recent news from the Middle East. Iraq is breaking into three regions defined by ethnicity and religion — Sunni, Shia and Kurd. It’s along lines that I’ve described over many years, in the … [Read More]

It’s no secret that the mining sector at large has been in the doldrums since last summer, after the price of gold tumbled after a decade-long bull market. Thanks to a keen observation from our friend Steve Todoruk over at Sprott, paired with his … [Read More]

Earlier this year on a trip to Denver, I got a firsthand look at one simple fact: America is an energy juggernaut. Today, I want to share some insight and give you a front-row seat to America’s next big shale play. Let’s get to it… In the past … [Read More]

The shale energy boom is this decade’s greatest investment theme… and it’s only going to get bigger. That was the key point I introduced in essay. I told you there are roughly 6.1 trillion barrels of oil remaining in shale… … [Read More]

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