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These Two Words Could Send Gold Soaring: Fiscal Cliff

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Since Obama entered office 2008, gold has been on an unbelievable tear. But will the momentum continue during the president’s second term? Let’s zoom out and see: Over the last five years, gold’s spot price has only two spots where it lost significant momentum. Once was during the 2008 financial crisis (where the term “sell […]

Better Than Money In The Bank: Gold In The Ground!

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You need to own gold and silver. This is something that I’ve been saying for many years to my paid-up readers. Precious metals are one way to preserve your wealth in an era of inflation. Indeed, it’s not too late to start accumulating gold and silver.

A New Year Rebound For Oil And Gold…

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The price of gold buoyed back above $1,600 today, portending another fine year for metal watchers. After slipping down to nearly $1,500 an ounce over the holiday week, gold prices are now steady around the important $1,600 level. The price for crude oil followed a similar path and is currently up over 3% on the day at $102.56.